Thursday, July 23, 2009

Huge oil and gas field found and California and talk about lifting 40 year moratorium

Occidental Petroleum has discovered a new oil field in California. They say it could be the biggest oil and natural gas discovery in 35 years. It is in Kern County and the Central Valley of the State. The California Aqueduct runs through this area and carries drinking water to 20 million people. This area is a large agricultural area that supplies produce to many Americans.

The Kern River is a 164 miles long and is fed by snowmelt and runs through the Central Valley. It is diverted for irrigation, recharging aquifers and the California Aqueduct. It is also a huge recreational area with rafting, camping, hunting, and fishing.

According to the report, "The California field is also richer in oil than natural gas, which sells at a lower cost on the open market, making it a more profitable find than ones such as the Barnett Shale in Texas."

Now they want to end a 40 year moratorium on offshore drilling

Californians beware. Water is already a huge issue in the state.

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