Friday, July 31, 2009

Waste Water Pipelines. How safe are they?

Waste water pipelines carry the contaminated water from the gas wells to a central trucking or water impound site. In the case below, it was a 6 inch pipe running from a drilled gas well. It contaminated a lake in a park killing fish, salamander, crayfish and aquatic insect life. What if it had been under someones house, garden or pool? Typically they are about 4 feet deep.

I received an e-mail saying that Argyle just approved Williams Production's use of a similar system. I am trying to confirm that.

This type of system is used to keep truck traffic from the drill site down. But a pipe running under homes, parks, and schools carrying drilling waste just doesn't seem any better. Since the gas drilling companies don't have to disclose what is in their drilling and fracking fluid, do we really want this waste water going under our neighborhoods?

I wonder if any other towns might be thinking of this type of system??????


Anonymous said...

I love your selective posting. The following was also posted on the same blog and it shows me that you are tending to go in the same direction. If this doesn't work out in your favor I wouldn't be surprised to see you or your sympathyzers to sabatoge a well to prove your point. Unlikely? Ask the people you always refer to in Colo/NM and Penn. about spiking trees or burning Hummers and homes that they perceive as dangerous to the earth. Here's what you didn't post:

I demand that whoever loosened the bolts on that wastewater pipeline be brought to justice. No way did the bolts just get loose. They pressure test those lines to make sure there are no leaks. They aren't there very long. Someone loosened them to try and make the drillers look like they do not drill responsibly. I think that it is important to note that Range Resources reported the leak to PaDEP, not a visitor to the site or anyone else. The company is trying to do the right thing and someone is trying to sabotage them.

June 8, 2009 8:48 AM

Anonymous said...

The blog you are speaking of took the info word for word from the news article in the post-gazette. It is not selective posting.
The paragraph "I demand etc" was a comment from an anonymous person, much like yourself, and not part of the article.

The statement about sabatoge. Give me a break. We are about health and safety and would never put any one, even you in danger.

If an investigation proves that someone sabatoged their pipeline, then they should be brought to justice. That hasn't been proven yet.

But by the tone and hostility of your comments maybe we should be worried what you are capable of.

You seem to want to discredit everything we post. If you have information that the articles we post on this blog are not true, then lets see it. Most of our information comes from news stations and newspapers. Are you accusing them of false information?
All we do is pass on the info that has to do with health, safety, and environmental gas drilling issues.

It is apparent you are either from Cherokee Horn, want or have a gas well on your property or signed a lease thinking you were going to become Jed Clampitt.