Friday, July 24, 2009

Gas leak from and XTO gas well in Grand Prairie

I am sure the residents of this Grand Prairie neighborhood might not agree that gas wells are "safe enough" to be in neighborhoods. How about near a park or school where kids are playing and breathing in the "hazy air" the residents reported seeing?

The reports below mention that the well was spewing ODORLESS GAS in the air. I wonder how long it was spewing before someone noticed since no one could smell the gas. Good thing no one decided to "go out for a smoke"!!!!

Gas Lake Nearly Forces Grand Prairie Evacuation
Grand Prairie firefighters came close to evacuating a whole neighborhood because of a gas leak near Joe Poole Lake last night. Around 9 p.m. residents along Grand Peninsula Drive, on the west side of the lake, began noticing a haze in the air. It turned out to be from an XTO Energy gas well and the Grand Prairie Fire Department was making plans for an evacuation when XTO
crews got the leak capped.

Grand Prairie well leaks gas
11:51 PM CDT on Thursday, July 23, 2009
A Grand Prairie neighborhood was nearly evacuated after a gas leak was discovered in the 2900 block of South Grand Peninsula.
The odorless gas began spewing from a XTO Energy well around 9 p.m. and created a haze in the sky. The Grand Prairie Fire Department became concerned and was close to evacuating nearby homes when the leak was capped.
XTO Energy is searching for the cause behind the leak.

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