Friday, July 10, 2009

How many gas wells in the State of Texas? And how many are getting inspected?

After seeing this, now I know why the Texas Railroad Commission does such a lousy job of regulating the Gas and Oil Industry. It is physically impossible for the TRC to keep up with regular inspections on gas and oil wells. As of a year ago, the TRC only had 83 inspectors as reported in a Star Telegram article

Richard Varela, the commission's executive director, said the agency does the best it can with limited staff. There are 377,000 wells in Texas, each with associated pipelines, tank batteries and other equipment. And there are only 83 inspectors. That's about 4,500 wells per inspector.

The great state of Texas is in trouble. We need better regulation and accountability.

Click on the link below to see how many gas wells are in Texas. This is just gas wells and does not include oil wells and injection wells.

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