Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Another Gas Well Leak

It seems Encana and the Fort Worth Fire Department has downplayed this leak. How can odorless gas spewing in the air not be of any concern?
Let's hope no one lights a match before this one is fixed!

article from Star Telegram

A gas well leak has been reported on a ranch north of Tiger Trail in far southwest Fort Worth, but officials said there was no immediate danger to people living nearby.

The leak was reported at 6:30 a.m. at a well site on the Mercer Ranch lease, which is being operated by EnCana Oil and Gas, said Ramona Nye, spokeswoman for the Railroad Commission of Texas.

The leak was expected to be repaired later this week, said Debra West, EnCana spokeswoman.
She added, however, that the well site was "secured."
"No evacuations are needed," West said. "We are going to continue gas monitoring to make sure the area remains safe."
An inspector for the Railroad Commission was headed to the well site Monday afternoon, Nye said.
Meanwhile, well inspectors from the city of Fort Worth visited the site Monday morning, said Lt. Kent Worley, spokesman for the fire department.

He said the well was emitting a "little bit of a vapor cloud" and a high-pitched whistling noise.
"We just sent a couple of staff members and a unit from environmental management," Worley said. "They did not get any readings on their monitors of anything dangerous at all."
Worley said the city inspectors estimated that the well site is about 4,000 feet from the nearest home.
"If you were going to have one, this would be a good place. If you look on a map of this area, you'll see how expansive it is."

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