Saturday, September 26, 2009

IMPORTANT: Residents of Flower Mound Your Oil & Gas Ordinance Is Being Challenged Again!

This is very important. In the next month, the Town Council will be reviewing the O & G Ordinance. Please try to attend the Town Council Meetings and voice your concerns about Oil & Gas Drilling. Writing letters to the Council and to the Editors of our local newspapers will help too.

The town has two Council members that are fighting to keep the ordinance the way it is. Tom Hayden and Al Filidoro. Both have taken much heat in the Council Meetings and in letters written to the local newspaper from residents in West Flower Mound who already have drilling in their area.

The chatter out there is the West Flower Mound residents are supporting Williams Production's position on seismic testing and underground drilling waste water pipelines. The worst scenario is the town could ease up on the ordinance and possibly add some clauses about transporting drilling waste underground via underground pipelines throughout Flower Mound to a Drilling Waste Water Storage and Removal Site in West Flower Mound. The West Flower Mound residents are concerned, as they should be, about the truck traffic through their area. But in reality, there will still be trucks bringing water, sand, and equipment to the well site and trucks going to and from this Waste Water site. In a Town Council meeting in August, an employee of Williams mentioned they could drill at least 100 or more wells in the Town of Flower Mound. That is a lot of waste water being piped underground below homes, schools, parks and our roads! When the ordinance is opened up for review, there could also be changes to the variances.

Whether or not you have signed a lease you should be concerned about this issue. Many people who have signed, say they signed because they felt the current ordinance would protect their neighborhoods. That could all change.

Recently a Judge in Denton County denied overturning the O & G Board's decision on the variances for River Walk property. Ruling that the board was justified in doing so. Our Ordinance held up in the court of law! Now those who support Oil and Gas are attacking our ordinance again.

Please help fight to keep the current Oil & Gas Ordinance as it is. Let's not allow our town to become another Midland or Fort Worth. Read a great article about what has happened in Fort Worth.

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