Monday, September 7, 2009

Fracking Equipment catches fire at well site.

Below are links to view video and pictures from a fire at a well site in Joshua. The cause was from fracking equipment catching fire. Those near the site said the fire was very hot and quite large.

Here is a picture from the scene. Imagine this 300' or 500' from a school, hospital, park, and most frightening, your home or neighbors home.

More pictures from CBS 11 news.
Here are a few paragraphs from the article in the Star Telegram
Trucks, equipment worth $8.3 million destroyed at Joshua gas drilling site

Mohr said no one was hurt, but the flames were intense.
"It was a pretty good fire that generated a good bit of heat," he said. "We had quite a few tankers hauling water."

Members from several Johnson County fire departments battled flames for about four hours at the drilling site. The area is about a half-mile west of the intersection of Farm Road 1902 and CR 913, which is also called Caddo School Road.

Firefighters came from Joshua, Briar Oaks, Mid North, Godley, Bono, Burleson, Cleburne and Tarrant County, Jones said.
A lot of them were needed to haul water and operate long-distance nozzles and aerial ladder trucks, Mohr said.
He said that the blaze had to be fought at a distance to protect the firefighters, but not because it was a natural gas drilling site.

"A contractor was finishing hydraulic fracturing operations when one of the blender trucks caught on fire," she said.

Video from NBC 5.

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