Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Denton Town Council Tables Gas Well Proposal Again

The Denton City Council tabled a proposal from Range Resources to put gas wells dangerously close to a neighborhood, hospital, and park. Sound familiar? This would be the 3rd or 4th time they have not voted on the proposal. The wells could be as close as 200' from homes and within a few hundred feet of a hospital and park!

Residents and their many supporters have been protesting. The City seems to be listening and at least are not giving in to the gas company at this time. We wish them a victory in the end.

It is possible that the City of Denton is worried that Range Resources may sue if they don't get their way. Again, sound familiar?

It seems Range Resources does not have a good track record and is not on good terms with the City. Last year the City sued Range Resources for not calculating the royalties from a gas well site near the Denton Airport right.

Here is a paragraph from a recent article.

The city sued Range Resources in July 2008, saying the company shorted the city at least $400,000 by miscalculating royalty payments from gas produced at three Denton Airport wells.

As previously posted, the gas companies are allowed keep their own logs and report the amounts. No single authority is responsible for making sure royalty owners get what is due to them. It is basically the "honor system". Remember the Texas Railroad Commission can't physically and mathematically monitor this do to the outrageous amount of gas and oil wells in the State of Texas.

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