Saturday, July 10, 2010

Clarification of type of drilling Kleinfelder performs

We received the following information clarifying the type of drilling Kleinfelder (The company contracted to perform air quality tests for Flower Mound) performs.
We wanted to share this on the blog.

As a growing company, Kleinfelder has acquired several firms across the US to expand both capabilities and skilled professionals needed to serve our clients. The type of drilling associated with our work is usually to evaluate geotechnical or environmental in nature. This is required to evaluate properties of soil associated with building design or to install monitor well points to allow evaluation of groundwater. None of our drilling is related to oil or gas exploration as this is an entirely different effort and not related to the services we offer as a firm.

For example, if you have a release of condensate or produced water that is suspected of impacting the groundwater table we would likely put in a monitor well to evaluate groundwater impact. These are typically 2" diameter PVC pipes installed into the ground to a sufficient depth to allow evaluation of groundwater. This is done under a licensed well driller in Texas and we subcontract this effort. We do not own or operate the type of equipment required to explore for natural gas. This is just not the business we are in.

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