Monday, July 12, 2010

Have they forgotten?

For the past 2 - 3 years, we've done everything possible to make Flower Mound residents aware of the threat of gas drilling in highly residential areas.

Many have listened, people have been educated, and the Town has seen some positive changes.

But not enough. Not nearly enough.

Titan Operating plans to soon begin drilling the first of 20-24 wells over the next three to five years on the Hilliard property--located right in the center of the Town.

Read about it in Ladd Biro's terrific article in yesterday's "Denton County Nonpartisan Examiner" HERE

The recent Town election made it abundantly clear that Town residents do not want gas drilling in these highly residential areas. It's only two months later, but have our leaders already forgotten?

Maybe they need to be reminded.


Anonymous said...

Ladd is the pied piper of Flower Mound's anti-urban drilling majority. He deserves a commendation from the town council!

Anonymous said...

No, I believe our leaders have not forgotten. Let us also not forget that Mr. Hilliard is going beyond what most typical landowners would do by modifying his property to drill for natural gas, which includes destroying a house, destroying the natural features of his property, and ruining any chance for future residential or commercial development on the site once drilling operations are complete. Hilliard wants us to blame the new leadership, so we lose our will to vote for people who care about the community, and so that we sit down and stop trying to maintain a quality community because we feel that we cannot make a difference. This is not what we should do.