Thursday, July 22, 2010

Don't Miss Out!! (There's only a few days left to stick it to your friends and neighbors!!)

The latest letter from Cherokee Horn screams

A C T I O N R E Q U I R E D !!

of the 20% of Hilliard-area homeowners that haven't yet signed a gas lease. Apparently there's just a few days left before we lose out on the opportunity to earn less than a dollar a day to sell out the health, safety, and well-being of our neighbors and friends. (Don't forget the local school kids, church attendees, and commuters driving up and down 2499.)

It also helpfully mentions that Cherokee Horn has established a "good reputation" with residents, "despite tremendous efforts from a small vocal activist group, to impugn our name and distort the facts."


The letter continues that the Town of Flower Mound will soon "administratively approve" Titan's application for Hilliard since it requires "no variances."

I have a HUGE problem with this for a number of reasons, but here's just one. In May, the O&G Board of Appeals denied a requested variance to Upland Habitat (basically trees) on the Hilliard property. So what did Mr. Hilliard do? He cut down the trees. No upland habitat? No problem!

The letter also "impugns" the anti-URBAN gas drilling folks by saying that we are small (anyone remember the results of the recent Town elections???) and that we've distorted the facts.

Here's a fact for you. If Cherokee Horn/Titan drills on Hilliard, they will be creating an eyesore, a health and safety hazard--possibly for generations to come, and will be doing nothing that will positively impact (other than pennies a day) the financial well-being of anyone in the Town, other than the Hilliard Family.

I keep my lawn mowed, the trim on my house painted, and my flower beds neat and tidy. I do it because I care about my property, but also because I wouldn't do anything that would detract from the neighborhood or harm my neighbors. And for that reason, I will never, ever sign a lease.

I refuse to do anything that facilitates bringing heavy industry into our local neighborhoods. I don't care if they're paying a dollar a day, a thousand dollars a day, or if they offer to put up a playground. It's just not worth it.


Another Concerned Citizen said...

I haven't signed either and I never will. No amount of money could convince me that this is the right thing to do.

I am hoping and praying that our town officials will refuse Titan's application.

Anonymous said...

A Cherokee Horn representative entered my property after I gave specific instructions to the company to NEVER enter my property again. Cherokee Horn, if you enter my property again, I will prosecute you and your agents to the fullest extent of the law. You love "landowners rights", you can start by respecting mine.

Anonymous said...

Can anybody ballpark how much money Hilliard is going to make off of the drilling?