Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Gas Glut. Where does all that "abundant" gas go?

We are experiencing a "Natural Gas Glut" here in the United States. Demand for natural gas has dropped and so have the prices. Do you ever wonder where all that extra gas is stored?

Most of the natural gas extracted is stored underground. This U.S. Government report is from 2007. It shows all the gas storage facilities by region. Very interesting info. Since this report came out, many new underground facilities have popped up.

Click here for more info on gas storage.

If you are interested in how the gas is moved across the United States, or just looking for a place to move to get away from this, click here for a map of compressor stations and here for a map of shales.


Anonymous said...

A lot of it is being sold overseas, so much for the "patriotic" and "national security" argument.

Anonymous said...

So we drill and endanger the environment and people just to store the stuff underground? Isn't it already stored underground? Why don't we just leave it there?
Maybe the gas industry needs to learn more about just in time production.
My guess is that the gas companies know exactly what they are doing. Supplying us with cheap gas keeps us from thinking about better sources of energy.