Monday, June 28, 2010

Ever Wonder Why Oil & Gas Receives Broad EPA Expemtions?

After reading this article from the Denver Post, it is pretty clear why Oil & Gas needs so many exemptions from EPA Federal Statutes. Accidents happen and they happen frequently. Although the industry doesn't think so.

This article highlights what is happening in the State of Colorado. But the same accidents are happening all over the US where the Oil & Gas Industry is doing business.

This quote form David Neslin, Director of the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission said it all.
"I think we would all agree it's more expensive to clean up a problem after it occurs than to avoid the problem in the first instance," Neslin said.

Prevention is the best practice. So why does it seem the industry is so resistant to recycle?
The industry will say it is because of cost and it cuts into their profits.
It is because they are not made to do it.

Why does the industry not have to disclose the chemicals in their fracking fluid?
They say it is proprietary info.
It is because the chemicals are a danger to public health and our environment. The industry must be forced to come up with a better way to extract natural gas.

We will keep seeing statistics like these reported in this graph unless the Oil & Gas Industry has tighter regulations and all EPA exemptions are lifted. States need to put better regulations into place to protect their residents and environment.

January 2011, the Texas State Legislative Session will begin, it is time to let our elected officials know we want better regulations and accountability here in Texas.

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