Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Explosive Week Continues and Pennsylvania Takes Action.

In the past 7 days, 4 natural gas production and pipeline explosions have occurred. Yesterday there was another in the small Texas panhandle town of Darrouzett.
here to read the New York Times article.

The explosive week continues.

Yes, two of these explosions involved pipelines and not actual gas drilling wells. But just take a look at the Texas Railroad Commission GIS Map Viewer for Oil, Gas and Pipeline Data. You can see where there is gas drilling, there are numerous pipelines associated with natural gas production. This only increases the likelihood of accidents. Some of these pipelines run through neighborhoods, near schools, parks, etc.

Yesterday the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection took a drastic step against Houston based EOG Resources Inc., formally Enron Oil and Gas. They have ordered that all gas drilling by EOC, which affects close to 70 unfinished wells, be halted! This order includes drilling and hydrofracturing of the EOG wells until the DEP can finish their investigation and order the company to make the necessary changes.
here for article in the Pennsylvania's Times Leader.

It is great to see a state agency take control and protect their citizens. Pennsylvania has their Department of Environmental Protection and we here and Texas have the Texas Railroad Commission, TCEQ and the Department of Health Services. We all know what they have done to protect us. (enter goose egg here)

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