Wednesday, June 23, 2010

It sounds like the City of Dallas getting ready to allow gas drilling

WFAA reported that it has confirmed that gas drilling is being considered in the City of Dallas
Here are a few paragraphs from the report.

We're not talking about some obscure, out-of-the-way location; we've learned that the city has sold mineral rights to property around lakes, golf courses, and even parks where families play with their children.

Gas well supporters insist there will be no drilling actually at city parks, and activities will be kept at least 300 feet from homes.

Click here for the WFAA report.

It appears that Dallas has signed gas leases with XTO Energy.

Under that deal, the council agreed to lease city-owned property at five sites along the city's western boundary, including a large acreage tract at Love Field airport, to XTO Energy and Trinity East Energy for about $34million.

Click here for complete story from the Platts.

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