Monday, June 7, 2010

North Texas Gas Well Explosion

This is happening right now at a natural gas facility on the Hood and Johnson County line.
It has been reported that here are injured and missing victims.
Click here to read story and watch live video.

More info to follow when available.


Anonymous said...

This scares the living daylights out of me. I realize that this risk is everywhere, becaues of the amount of lines running through our area, but still.

Mary said...

I remember at the recent Flower Mound Oil & Gas meeting the issue of pipelines came up. I was shocked that Titan and Hilliard did not have to give the information on where the pipelines will go!!!
This could happen anywhere...even here.

Anonymous said...

This is one that drives me nuts. Everytime the subject is brought up...the response is "it's safe and well marked"....then when an accident happens the statement becomes "they weren't supposed to dig there". It happens A LOT. Utility companies, construction companies, city services...they dig. I don't care how well the piplines are documented things like this happen all the time. Whether it's water, electric, or gas accidents will happen. Look at the size of that land where they hit the line. They had a ton of room to place poles and yet they still hit that gas line. Texas needs to wake up...not just Flower Mound.

TXsharon said...

The drillers should be required by the city to give pipeline plans--no plans = no permit.

The TRC has said that the utility company had a map showing the pipelines and they made the call as required. Something was very wrong.