Monday, June 14, 2010

Oil & Gas worried recent accidents may bring stronger regulation

Houston we have a problem: At least that is what the Oil & Gas Industry is worried about.

Last week was an explosive week for the natural gas production industry.

The past month has brought other concerns out. It was reported that the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality failed to report the proper findings to the City of Fort Worth. TXSharon posted the documents obtained through a public information request that showed major deception going on within the state agency.

Natural gas drilling may burn cleaner but the extraction of it is dangerous, FLAMMABLE and dirty. In a recent Houston Chronicle article it states the industry is worried that the recent BP spill and gas drilling accidents in the past week could bring on stronger regulations. Oil & Gas is worried about the impact to the Houston area business climate. Why is it the industry never gets this worried about the impact on the residents living near natural gas production facilities?

The following paragraphs are shocking. It seems Chesapeake's CEO Aubrey McClendon, doesn't think the recent accidents will have any meaningful impact on the industry. Check out the ifs, ands or buts in his statement.

“You want to have no accidents ever, but as long as humans are involved and you’re dealing with great unknowns underneath the earth, you’re going to have some surprising things happen,” he said.
“The question is what do you do with it? If BP had been able to control that spill in a day, we wouldn’t be talking about the BP incident today.”

IF the industry is better regulated AND the O & G Industry is held accountable for their actions, we may be able to eliminate these accidents in the future.

IF the industry starts to care more about the health, safety AND quality of life of those living near these sites AND less about profit, natural gas could become the important "bridge" fuel it is being touted to be.

BUT don't hold your breath.

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