Thursday, January 13, 2011

Attorney General's office says it will continue to fight EPA

Yesterday, Governor Perry and Co. lost another quest to force Texans to breathe toxic air!!!! For those of you that don't know the story, Governor Perry doesn't want the EPA to takeover the state's greenhouse gas permitting program.

But in an article in the Dallas Morning News, Lauren Bean, a spokeswoman for Attorney General Abbott, said that Texas will continue with several lawsuits that will challenge the EPA.

"While the court declined to proactively prohibit the EPA from continuing its federalization effort, today's ruling did not reach the heart of the State's claim and does not affect Texas' ability to continue pursuing its legal challenge against the agency," Bean said. "With the jobs and livelihoods of thousands of Texas families and businesses at risk, Texas will continue to challenge the EPA's unlawful overreach."

Great.... lets waste more taxpayer money when the state is facing a huge deficit!


Anonymous said...

This is off this topic, however, I did not know where to post this:

When I opened my water bill there was a newsletter stating, "Judge Mary Horn has a mandatory burn ban and will ban all outdoor burning in Denton county," effective Dec. 22, 2010. It includes restrictions on gas patio grills and smokers, in terms of lid covers and proxmity to vegetation.

My question is, "does this mean the drillers can not Flare their drill sites without being fined?"

Anonymous said...

Silly poster, gas companies don't follow laws.

Anonymous said...

I called and was told this does apply to drill sites as well.....

Anonymous said...

It may apply to gas wells but no one and I mean not one city ever enforces this type of stuff when it applies to natural gas.
I have not heard of one violation and fine issued to a natural gas company from a town. (not EPA, TRRC or TCEQ)
They get warnings after warnings but not action is ever taken!

Anonymous said...

I ment that the EPA TRRC and TCEQ may issue violations but our local towns don't when the gas companies are in violation of their ordinances.