Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Gas Drilling Near Cowboy Stadium?

On any given Sunday, over 100,000 (110,000 including the party pass area) people attend Cowboy Stadium. The city of Arlington may decide to allow drilling within a few blocks of the site.

In addition to bad air quality, this will put a strain on an already bad traffic situation in this area. What about the pipelines, tank batteries and compressors associated with gas drilling pad sites? With the Superbowl fast approaching, what in the world are they thinking!!!

The Star Telegram reported that Arlington council members boxes' were "flooded thousands of petitions from across the country". Yet one council member, Mel LeBlanc, is not listening. He plans on voting to allow the well. Mr. LeBlanc claims it has nothing to do with the stadium.

When is this guy up for re-election?

click here to sign the petition and "say no to gas drilling near cowboy stadium"


MYtoeSPACEpillow said...

The vote was tabled and the hearing is closed...whew! No more public comment....but the issue of where the trucks should get to the site is not closed and will be the ONLY reason this may not pass.
Thanks all for signing the petition and keep it passing around if you can!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Think about how much worse (yes, much worse) the extra traffic and activity caused by the building of Cowboys Stadium is than drilling. The traffic occurs continually, week after week, month after month, year after year.

If you believe that we had good air quality here in DFW before gas drilling then you are living in a fantasy land.

Anonymous said...

Regarding January 7, 11:51 a.m. post: you are correct that our air quality was already poor before the gas drilling. Why compound it x 2 with VOC and carcinogenic emissions from gas drilling? It's obvious that you are going for broke, while concerned and compassionate people want to make it better. Glad that I am not in your camp:)

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to post something about the equipment parked at the Hilliard Site. Rather than assume it has something to do with Titan, I just stopped by and asked. The answer was NO!! Mr. Hilliard told them they could park there. He says Titan has nothing to do with them this time. If you look around now they are gone. Now on to the drilling end of things. I started doing some of my own studies and not taking the word of some one else or an enviromental group. What I have found is that 18 wheel trucks, trains, Hummers, 1 ton trucks and older cars are putting out more benzine than these rigs drilling wells. Now I am not going to lease my property ( I was smart enough to get mineral rights) but I am through blamming the rigs for health problems. I have went out and met with rig hands and tool pushers and company men and completion people who have been directly exsposed to this gas and not ONE has ever been sick due to Benzine. So how do we come up with my kid is sick or I am sick because of the rigs. Now If you are going to say water supply WRONG. At least here. Pulled water from 19 different places and was unable to find any traces of chemicals other than water treatment chemicals. Oh by the way 7 were in your town of Flower Mound. I am sending my report to the State of Texas. I will stand by all when it comes to drilling with in schools but I cant stand by you all like I did in the past.
Dr. James