Friday, January 14, 2011

They're Back!

Yes folks, the landmen are a comin' again. Titan has hired a new company, Norwood Land Services, LLC to come around and blow smoke up our a$$e$.

Disclaimer #1: Don't be fooled by the dollar signs in the word a$$e$, they are offering the same lease Cherokee Horn was.

This means very little money. But if you sign they promise to stick around 5 to 7 years, drill up to 24 wells at Hilliard Field and drive your property values down.

Disclaimer #2: As it stands now, they are limited to the amount of wells that can be drilled because not enough people have signed.

Disclaimer #3: Decline in property values
already proven by the Flower Mound Well Impact Study. This study was conducted before Titan started to drill on Hilliard at the gateway to our community.

Wait....that's not all
, they will throw in 4 times more tank batteries and compressors. All this for the same low price.

You will be told you can sign on for this great deal or say no and and they will take your minerals anyway.

Disclaimer #4: Not completely true. To really "take" your minerals, they will have to file a Rule 37 with the Texas Railroad Commission. You can protest this and have a chance to stop the gas company from drilling within 330' of your property. It is a lengthy and expensive process for the DRILLING COMPANY.

If you take your chances and don't sign? You may miss out on a few pennies per day and of course the 24 wells, decline in your property value, 4 times more tank batteries and compressors!


Anonymous said...

They can take their lease and put it up their a$$e$.

Anonymous said...

If no more people sign, Titan will need a boat load of Rule 37's. It will cost them a bundle. So hold out people. Hold out!!!!!!

Another Concerned Citizen said...

annonymous 3:56.
You are correct. Titan will need a lot of Rule 37's.

Anonymous said...

I've been telling them "no" for 3 years now, take a hint. They're like a psycho ex, they just won't go away. Don't you get it, we don't love you anymore. (not that we ever did) ;)

TXsharon said...

They will never give up.

The reality from someone who lives in Fort Worth in the "Sweet Spot."

"My own recent royalty at 23% no charge back royalty from a 236 acre pool ( 2 year old well our group of 350 acres was pooled into ) was $148.99 for 10 months royalty before IRS @ 33% royalty/ capital gains tax = $102.00 minus est. 10% Ad Valorum County tax = $10.0 = $92.00 = a net average of $7.66 per month money in pocket.

VOLA Whataburger and a Coke."

Landman said...

Husband and father of four hears your concerns. I respect all of your opinions and it would help us all if you could send me a list of names and addresses that say NO to urban drilling. That way you can stop being harassed and save some trees in the process. Please send all names and addresses to Thank you.

Also an article has been written about Rule 37 to explain what "actually" happens:

Another Concerned Citizen said...

Dear Mr. Landman, We posted your comment but would like to point out that we are sure you know those that don't want to sign leases. It is all the people that have not signed as of now. Titan just hired a new company (yours) and is just peddling the same crap in a different package and a different delivery man.

As far as your rebuttal article. We have one thing to say.
Rule 37 is not even close to Zoning. We are still laughing at that one.

Anonymous said...

The editorial the landman is referring to is a joke. It was written by a lawyer! An Energy Law attorney. Who has represented Oil and Gas Drilling companies and pipeline companies.
If you want to know the real story about how much you are going to make, read TX Sharon's comment. I understand she has a nice size property, 25 or more acres. So with that in mind, just think what you will get for your 1/4 to 1/3 acre.
Oh and many of us that don't want to sign leases don't have "Say No to Urban Drilling" signs anymore because someone kept stealing them.

iSeeker said...

This paragraph in the article referenced does not seem correct:

"The holdouts are upset that they may lose their gas without compensation. But they apparently are just fine with the leased landowners losing all their gas without compensation because the well cannot be drilled."

If the drilling does not happen, those who signed leases do not lose their gas without compensation: they have their gas, and they are not compensated.

I think he is correct that it is like a zoning change though. It is very common when developing a commercial project to request variances to the zoning codes for various reasons including variances to the setback requirements, which are basically what we are talking about here.

However, I don't think his "this is not like eminent domain" argument is completely truthful since, if the Rule 37 is granted, those of us who have not signed would lose our minerals without any compensation. Taking my property without paying me. That sounds like eminent domain.

This is why we need to elect well those people who will be looking at granting these types of variances.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Landman. First off, zoning is a municipal function, not a state one. There is only about 100 years of case law to back that up. Second, your're right, Rule 37's are not like eminent domain, they are worse, because in a Rule 37, it is BOTH against your will AND you are not compensated. At least in eminent domain, you are compensated, but it is still against your will. Minerals are considered "real property" in Texas. Both the 5th amendment to the US Constitution AND the Texas Constitution ban taking of private property without compensation, but the RRC doesn't seem to like either constitution, after all, there are minerals to STEAL, and a lot of money to be made doing it. As far as the person who wrote the article, they have never even been to a Rule 37 hearing!

Anonymous said...

"Please send all names and addresses to Thank you" Why don't you do your own dirty work instead of trying to use this blog for your own selfish purposes. It's not the operators of this blog job to give you contact info. Walk the streets and knock on doors, just don't be surprised when we slam them in your face since we've told you "NO" for 3 years now.

Landman said...

Well once again it's the hated landman. There are many people unleased that lease every day in Flower Mound, Lewisville and other areas that have been known to be against urban drilling. My request is simple please supply me with name and address of those that truly feel that they are NEVER signing. This is a way to never get harassed again, because within the year these wells will all be drilled and my job is to ensure everyone that WANTS to participate gets a chance to. With this however, includes calling and sending letters. If you want NO contact please email me at:

Thank you everyone. I apologize for hijacking the blog. This will be my last entry in hopes I can help the ones that have no interest in this venture.

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Anonymous said...

"Save a tree, sign a lease" - wow, that's a new one. Let's try this, quit annoying us, save a tree. You started the paper pushing, not us.

After we say "no", that a hint to stop sending us paper.

Anonymous said...

"Husband and father of four hears your concerns." - you don't even hear us telling you "no" to a lease, what makes you think we believe you hear our concerns? Here's an idea, since I am assuming you believe in a free market economy, why don't you just enter into negotiations to buy all of the remaining homes at full market value (minerals included - you have to BUY them in a free market economy you can't just STEAL them), plus the cost of moving, and a little something for all of time we have wasted, then we can talk.

Anonymous said...

"...because within the year these wells will all be drilled..."- perhaps you are new at this. That is what Cherokee Horn told us in 2008. Here we are, 2011, not all drilled yet. Try to keep up.

Anonymous said...

Can a Rule 37 be filed on your property and the owner never know it?

Another Concerned Citizen said...

The gas companies should be checking the Denton County Real Estate records for the most currect info before filing the application with the Texas Railroad Commission. But, if you are concerned, you should check the TRRC site to see if a Rule 37 has been filed for any wells near your home.

batperson said...

I received a solicitation from Norwood land services a couple of weeks ago. I am surrounded by homeowners who signed the lease with Cherokee Horn. In looking at a map of our neighborhood one could reasonably conclude that the non-signers will be "stones in the shoe" for the gas driller.The royalty offer is now 25%. I believe it was 20% from Cherokee Horn. Not that it will make a difference to me; it would be interesting how the Cherokee Horn signees will react once they know that they are being under cut. Also, if us non-signees were subjected to the forced pooling provision, would'nt the royalty payments be substantially more?

Anonymous said...

@Anon February 1, 2011 11:07 AM

A Rule 37 cannot be brought upon a property without notice from the RRC.


IF, that is a big IF, the interest are force pooled under MIPA, Yes, from historical accounts you would be compensated (although against your will) far greater (perhaps as much as double) than early signers were. However, it has been the tactic of gas operators as of late to use Rule 37 to come close to unleased tracts without compensation. Your only recourse is then a Rule 37 hearing.