Saturday, August 1, 2009

Forced Pooling

The below post was to answer many who wanted to know what happens in a forced pool situation. The information came directly from Cherokee Horn website. Most of the property owners asking about Forced Pooling are those that surround the proposed drill sites at Northshore. If someday they want to drill there, all of those unleased property owners would be very important because of the distance required by Flower Mound O & G Ordinance. We do not want to tell you what to do but like to address all the questions we receive.

Forced Pooling isn't used very often. In fact if you go on the TRRC website and search, you will find very few cases considering how long the TRRC has been around. MIPA (Mineral Interest Pooling Act) and Forced Pooling is usually used by small property owners that want to be included in a large pool but haven't received offers from gas companies.

All I could find that was close to our situation was the link below. It was for the gas company to acquire leases for a unit that the unsigned properties were important for drilling.
There was one in December

I found this interesting article from a law office.

If we find out any more information on this subject we will post it.

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