Friday, August 21, 2009

Residents near Fort Bend well blowout complain about noise and smell

Here is an update on the Fort Bend well blow out. Below is a posting from a few residents near the site claiming there is a loud sound and foul smell. Also one claims they saw gas rings in puddles that formed after it rained.
Once again another example of "clean burning natural gas" and how "environmentally friendly" gas drilling truly is!!!
Officials say the well is releasing natural gas, salt water and sand 50 feet in the air.

Of course the gas company is down playing it and claims the smell is mostly salt water and sand. Is it so hard for them to be completely honest about anything?
The well is releasing natural gas, salt water and sand, which is spewing 50 feet in the air, officials said.
The site is being monitored 24 hours a day.
Company officials said the smell in the air is the salt water and sand.
The leak is expected to take a couple of days to get under control.
Firefighters asked nearby residents to stay inside their homes and limit outside activities as a precaution.
A few comments on the articles from residents nearby.
I would hope that the equipment to cap the blowout arrives soon. Being a resident about 1/2 mile from the site has not been pleasant. The smell has been awful (like burning tar not rotten eggs) and the sound pollution has really disturbed our normally quite neighborhood. My husband and I can hear it inside our home. I would hope that something will be done to put more quality control on the devise that failed. Read this has happened before. Especially since we have a park within 250 yards from this site where kids play often. This could have been a terrible incident.
Posted by: SueQZ at August 20, 2009 06:15 PM

Anonymous said...
I live about 1000 yrds from the busted pipe, it sounds like a jet engine all day and all night. Yesterday it rained and I noticed that in the puddle of rain it made oil rings, and the water coming from the rain gutters was foaming up in the pulled. When I turned my windshield wipers on it made streaks across my windshield.
10:48 AM

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