Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Town Council Meeting

During the briefing session, at the beginning of the Town Council Meeting, the topic regarding seismic testing was discussed. Council Member Jean Levenick and Mayor Jody Smith recluse themselves since they both have signed leases with Williams Production.

Some of the concerns are that the "Thumper Trucks or Vibroseis Buggies" can damage roads. They weigh about 60,000 lbs. and move very slowly and do cause some vibration. The town staff is concerned about costs to repair roads. Williams is proposing this process to increase production and profits from gas drilling in West Flower Mound as stated by a representative from the company during public participation. The Williams representative used the assumption that 100 wells could be drilled in the area when speaking about the increased profit. There are approximately 11 streets involved in this testing. Council Member Al Filidoro asked for more information including seismic data.

According to a Lewisville blog, residents said they felt some vibration during identical seismic testing in March of this year.


In East Texas, some residents are suing a seismic testing company for damage to their homes from Thumper Trucks. Here is an article from their local newspaper.


Briefly mentioned was the waste water receptacles. This issue will go in front of the O & G Board.

Another representative from Williams did get up and speak during the public participation about the waste water receptacles. Williams is asking that the waste water pipelines be considered under the current pipeline ordinance. The representative stated that there are 3 lines. One to transfer gas products, one for produced/contaminated waste water, one gas lift lines. These pipelines will be carrying contaminated drilling waste water approximately 4 feet underground. As we get more information on this process, we will share it.

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