Saturday, August 1, 2009

Important Information to be discussed at Town Council Meeting

We have been told that Monday night, August 3rd, at the Town Council meeting, Williams Production will be speaking at 6:00 p.m. regarding oil and gas issues. It is not on the agenda and from what we were told was last minute. We believe Williams is proposing the following and wants to discuss the below issues:
(1) water receptacles and
(2) thumping trucks.

The water receptacles appear beneficial "on the surface," but there are "hidden" problems such as potential leakage into our aquifers and facilitating more drilling within our residential neighborhoods.

The thumping trucks weigh approx. 60,000 pounds and will tear up our roads. Drilling companies want to use them, because they provide a 3D seismic picture of the shale formulations and will increase the gas companies' profit ratios. Although the seismic activity is relatively safe, the trucks are extremely heavy and move very slowly causing road damage. The problem is the Town will be having to pay to replace the damaged roadways.
Below are some articles we found on Thumping Trucks for you to do your own research.
They create earthquakes underground.” That’s how one official described the activity of thumper trucks, though their actual mission is to engage in seismic testing to help drilling companies understand the makeup of the various layers of materials deep underground.
"The use of the 64,000-pound thumper trucks, euphemistically known as vibroseis buggies, as proposed in this project, leaves long term scars on the land that resemble furrows in the sagebrush," the Alliance says.


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