Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Well blowout could last for days!!

It is going to take days to fix this blowout.

A natural gas well blowout in northwest Fort Bend County that began Tuesday morning could last for days before the system is fixed, authorities said.
As gas keeps gushing out and shooting to the sky, a jet engine-like noise can be heard and the air has a noticeable odor.

How comforting to know the Texas Railroad Commission is "monitoring" the situation and that the public is not in danger because the gas mainly contains methane!

Definition of Methane-Methane is a relatively potent greenhouse gas with a high global warming potential.

"Our agency is monitoring to ensure the operator is taking appropriate actions," said Grey Grossman, the commission's representative. "The public is not in danger."
Grossman said the gas mainly contains methane.

The closest subdivision is 1000 yards or 3000 feet away. Which is over a 1/2 mile. What if the neighborhood was....lets say 300 feet or 500 feet away like most ordinances allow here in North Texas? The authorities are concerned enough to restrict air traffic within a 2.5 mile radius.

Meanwhile, Bob Lutts Park on Harlem Road has been closed out of precaution.
A Federal Aviation Administration temporary flight restriction issued Tuesday is still in effect today. It bans unauthorized flights below 2,500 feet within a 2½-mile radius of the site.

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