Friday, August 14, 2009

North Texas earthquakes may be from Gas drilling injection of wastewater into DFW fault

Southern Methodist University used seismic sensors to find the cause of a series of earthquakes since October of last year. Their research showed a "possible correlation" between the quakes and salt water disposal. The disposal well is located at the southern end of DFW Airport and sits atop a fault line!!

Chesapeake has shut down DFW Airport disposal facility and another in Cleburne.
Although SMU said the quakes don't appear to be connected to drilling or fracturing, it is alarming that the cause of the quakes is from injecting fluid into a fault line that no one knew was there.

The question is, how many more situations like this exist in the Barnett Shale?
The below article appeared in the Wall Street Journal. Go to the link to read the whole article.

A series of minor earthquakes in North Texas may have been caused by a wastewater disposal well connected to natural-gas production in the area, Chesapeake Energy Corp. told state regulators Thursday.

Researchers from Southern Methodist University in Dallas have deployed seismic sensors in the area to study the phenomenon. On Thursday, the researchers said preliminary results suggest the quakes do not appear to be connected to drilling or fracturing itself.

But they said their research does show a "possible correlation" between the quakes and a salt water disposal well operated by Chesapeake on the southern end of Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. The airport sits atop a fault line.
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