Thursday, October 29, 2009

Any and all pipelines can leak.

Pipelines can leak. Chemicals and produced water are highly corrosive liquids. Couplings can fail.
For info on some pipeline accidents, scroll down the the last link.

The least amount of pipelines, no matter what they carry, running through our neighborhoods and towns, the better.

A few paragraphs from the article above

Seventy-five families residing in the shadow of a Freeport Dow Chemical Co. facility began making plans Tuesday to live elsewhere until the company can fix an underground pipeline that's leaking toxic chemicals.

A lineman discovered the leak Sunday morning when he found the pipeline, located 4 feet underground, was emitting toluene diisocyanate, known as TDI — a major ingredient in polyurethane foam, used primarily in bedding, furniture and car seats. The chemical is a toxic, flammable substance that irritates the lungs, skin and eyes.

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