Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Williams is contacting HOA's about seismic testing

We just received this e-mail from a Bridlewood Resident. HOA's...get ready for Williams to give you a call if they haven't yet. This looks like proof that they want to seismic test all over town. This is not just about Rural West Flower Mound anymore.

Subject: [Bridlewood] Board Brief

Seismic Testing on Flower Mound Roads – As we indicated in our 10/13 Board Brief, Williams Companies has asked Flower Mound for access to town roadways to do seismic testing. With Bridlewood common area infrastructure (e.g. building foundations, courts, pools, brick walls, sidewalks, parking) in close proximity to public roads, we are concerned about potential damage to the HOA’s assets if Williams and/or another gas company is permitted to use public roads, specifically those in and around Bridlewood, for this activity. While the west side of town is where Williams would like to focus now, we understand they have requested permission to do this on roads throughout town.
A representative of Williams contacted the Bridlewood HOA office to introduce himself as the person who would be leading the testing in the area, should it be approved. This outreach to our community has led us to conclude that the activity is not intended to be restricted to just the West side of town. The Bridlewood Board’s duty is to protect the assets of this Association. We will encourage Town of Flower Mound staff and Town Council to carefully consider the ramifications of seismic testing, or any other activity, that could cause damage to or adversely impact the value of private and HOA property in Bridlewood.

Williams’ request was initially denied by Town staff. Town Council has asked for more information and is revisiting the request. Town Council held a work session this past Thursday, one of the results of which is the formalizing of input into the process with public hearings. The Bridlewood Board intends to share our concerns with Town Council at a public hearing, once scheduled. We encourage Bridlewood residents to participate in the public forum. When we have more information on the scheduling we will communicate it.

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