Thursday, October 22, 2009

More evidence that changes to the Flower Mound O & G Ordinance Will Affect Whole Town

On Monday October 5th, Corey Van Trease, a spokesperson for the Hilliard family, Smith family, and the Smith Foundation stated that these large property lease holders where in favor of seismic testing, waste water pipelines and "tank farms".

Hilliard is right smack in the middle of highly populated neighborhoods! Shadow Ridge Middle School and Blue Bonnet Elementary are very close.

Where would the highly toxic waste water be piped to from that site?
What neighborhoods would be forced via eminent domain to have these waste water pipe lines buried 4 feet below the ground running through their yards?

Neighbors are saying Cherokee Horn told them that Titan wants to drill 8 wells at this site. That is a lot of waste water! No application has been filed with the town yet but now is the time to speak up and protect our rights for our children to attend school in a safe and healthy environment. Protect our rights to keep our quality of life, health and safety. Just look at the town of Dish, Tx (less than 20 miles away).

If seismic testing on public streets is passed, they will be testing all streets around this site and any other sites throughout Flower Mound. The ordinance allows seismic testing on private property but greed is coming into play here. But at what cost? Certainly not the gas companies.

Call your insurance company and see if they cover seismic testing. I did and the answer wasn't good. Call a foundation repair company. I did. They told me to have my home inspected before and after the seismic testing, at my cost of course. Call a lawyer, I did and yes there have been cases where homeowners have had to sue gas companies for damage to their homes, foundations, water wells, and septic tanks. For those that can afford to stick it out, they sometimes get an out of court settlement but according to the attorneys I called, the gas companies have the homeowners sign a CONFIDENTIALITY AND NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT so they can't talk about it afterward.

From October 5th Meeting Minutes:

Corey Van Trease, 2104 Cavalier Way, Flower Mound Mr. Van Trease stated he was speaking on behalf of Patty Smith, the Smith Foundation, and the Ron Hilliard family. They were all in support of the waste water collection system. He agreed that the Town needed to review the ordinance on a regular basis. He stated all the issues deserved more research, however he believed there were more pros than cons.


Anonymous said...

The 100 acre Hilliard drillsite is more than the required FM setback from any structures. It is not smack dab in the middle of anything. As Jack Webb said "just the facts, ma'am". Just trying to get some feedback or dialogue on this site. Not an FM resident, nor an O&G rep, but a follower of the biz. As an aside, saltwater disposal pipelines are not allowed the convenience of eminent domain, nor has Titan asked for such.

Anonymous said...

The Flower Mound Town Attorney said the pipelines would fall eminent domain. But waste water pipelines may be different. My question would be.
If the Town allows waste water pipelines in the ordinance and eminent domain can't come into play for these pipelines on private property, what about the public town property like streets and sidewalks? Since the town is allowing it, I would have to believe they can put those pipelines through neighoborhoods via public streets. Scary.

Anonymous said...

The fact is that Hilliard is surrounded by 6 or 7 different neighborhoods and two schools.
It is smack dab in the middle of alot of homes. Yes you must not be from FM because if you were, you would know this to be true.

Anonymous said...

My point was, the Hilliard drillsite is , I believe to be more than the setback distance allowed, under the current ordinance from inhabited structures. I can read maps. If it is the goal of the FMCAUD to not allow the ordinance to be changed, is the current ordinance not acceptible also? If the goal is to ban drilling period in FM, then go for it. Even the Federal Gov. will not lease its minerals under cities, towns or villages. (Title II, Chapter 43, 3100.0-3 Code of Federal Regulations). In other words, the eastern end of Grapevine Lake. Ammunition for your cause. If the Feds, won't, why should FM?