Sunday, October 4, 2009

IMPORTANT: Sign the petition to keep FM O & G ordinance strong and attend the Town Council Meeting

The below e-mail was not generated from FMCAUD and was forwarded to us.

It is response to an e-mail circulating from the Shiloh Road Residents. We have been searching for info on high density neighborhoods, schools or parks that have experienced seismic testing and waste water pipelines and storage facilities. It seems as one Shiloh resident put it in the last Town Council Meeting, Flower Mound has the chance to be on the cutting edge of this new technology.

Again we have a gas company putting neighbor against neighbor. Convincing the Shiloh Residents that the rest of Flower Mound doesn't care about their plight and are jealous of their big lots and all the money they are going to make. Yes, we consider the Shiloh residents to be neighbors. Many are friends.

But, do we really want to be the "lab rats" for this? The question is still out there. Who is going to pay for any damage or liability that may result from the proposed activity? Four words come to mind......Flower Mound Tax Payers!!!

Let the town council know how you feel. Show up to the meeting tomorrow night. Town Hall, 6:00 pm. Sign the petition below to "Keep the Flower Mound Oil and Gas Ordinance Strong".

All members of a household over the age of 18 may sign the petition on a separate line.

Here is a email we received.

The Shiloh Road folks are misguided and misinformed. Before being the vocal minority for Williams and all gas drilling companies wanting to drill in Flower mound, they should check their facts.

Have the Shiloh Rd residents seen a copy of the actual agreement that was submitted to the Town? Or are they just spotting what Williams is feeding them?

I don’t believe that Williams has disclosed this agreement to them, because they continue to insist that this only affects their neighborhood. Do they really think the whole community cares what they do on their property. Don’t be puppets. Get the facts in writing.

Williams has asked for Seismic Testing and wastewater collection facilities and pipelines that is not limited to the Shiloh Rd area, but to be extended to any area that they obtain leases. This would have to adopted for all drilling companies.

Williams signed lease agreements with the Shiloh Road area, knowing that seismic testing and wastewater collection sites with pipelines were not allowed in our ordinance. They are a big company with lots of attorneys that are paid to know this stuff. They are now telling these residents if they don’t get the town to change their ordinance they, Williams, won’t drill and the residents will not benefit from future royalty payments. Which they are claiming in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. (Sounds like extortion.)

Williams stated that they will maximize their profits only if they can do seismic testing on the town’s streets.

Why is it the town’s and residents responsibility to maximize Williams profit, while risking $450 million dollars of the town’s assets?

Residents are not insured for potential damage to their sidewalks, retaining walls, home foundation, and pools. Why should we take on William’s risk?

If these people who signed a lease are confident with Furgo Engineering's report that no damage will be caused by vibrational seismic testing; Let them do the testing in their driveways and yards. Why would Williams ask for complete indemnification if they felt that there was no risk?

The test mentioned below (their communication) was done in a big dirt field, not on concrete next to homes, retaining walls, sidewalks, or swimming pools.

Shiloh Rd. lease holders signed agreements for gas drilling, knowing that seismic testing and wastewater collection sites with pipelines were not allowed in our ordinance.

If they didn’t want trucks coming through their neighborhood they shouldn't have signed a lease until an ordinance was in place. This is exactly like developers buying residential land and expecting the Town to change it zoning to a chemical plant in the middle of a residential neighborhood. Smart developers get an option on the land until the zoning has been changed.

The Shiloh Rd. residences and Williams demanding an immediate change to our ordinance because Williams lease agreement term is expiring. This issue does not relieve the town from their obligation of due diligence. They represent the whole community.

It is not a simple request. Just understanding how to identify and deal with a pipeline break is difficult. Laws exempting the Gas and Oil industry from disclosing what the chemical makeup of the fracking watste”water(?)” the Emergency Planning and Community Right to Know Act limit the town’s ability to deal with risk. Just think of it this way, if a truck turns over you know it immediately. If a pipeline leaks or breaks you wouldn’t know it until vegetation and potentially animals and people start dying. This is a lot of risk.

I ask residents to not be angry with the Shiloh Rd. people. I think they have let Williams hood wink them, and potentially extort them into believing that they are the only ones affected by what is happening; while, behind their backs asking the Town and all its residents to take on their risks while Williams receives the reward.

I guess it goes back to the old adage “You can’t get something for nothing”. There is always a price to pay. Ask yourself what you are willing to risk? If the risk is too much, please tell
Town Council at Monday’s meeting. The meeting is at town hall at 6:00.

If you agree with the above e-mail sign the petition

Keep Flower Mound's Oil and Gas Ordinance Strong

We did not include the Shiloh Road Residents e-mail blast because we did not receive it directly.

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