Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Legal Issues With Seismic Testing

Interesting article submitted last year by Gas and Oil Attorney Virginia Moore.

These paragraphs caught my eye.

The mechanics of thumper trucks generally require that they not be used on paved surfaces because of the force of the impact which can break or disintegrate concrete or asphalt road surfaces. Crews laying out cables can crush landscape beds, break bushes or trees, or leave fences and gates open allowing pets or livestock to get out.

Shock waves emitted by the trucks can also panic or stress livestock and ribbon flags and trash left behind by seismic crews can harm livestock and native species through ingestion. Some reports of damages to foundations and buildings have been publicized when thumper trucks are used in close proximity to structures but setback restrictions incorporated in documents should minimize the possibility of such damages.

What setback restrictions could possibly be enough in a densely populated neighborhood where some homes are 15 to 20 feet from the street?

Call your insurance company and see what they have to say about coverage from seismic testing. You won't like the answer.

In my quest to check out the legal consequences for homeowners from seismic testing damage, I called a few lawyers who have represented homeowners after seismic testing damaged their foundations, septic tanks, and water wells. I was told most of the cases eventually end up being settled out of court (for those homeowners that don't give up) and always the homeowner is asked to sign a confidentiality agreement.

Let the FM Town Council know seismic testing on our streets is bad for ALL OF FLOWER MOUND!


Anonymous said...

Ms. Moore is not Board certified in oil and gas law. Her opinions are just that, with no facts to back up her info. The News Connection will print just about anything that comes from a warm body.

Another Concerned Citizen said...

I spoke with 3 other gas and oil attorneys that have actually handled cases. Most have ended with the gas company finally paying for damage. One has a current case for damage to foundations. That is enough "facts" for me.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Moore is Board Certified. See www.tbls.org.