Thursday, October 15, 2009

Flower Mound Town Council Work Session Tonight at 6:00pm

There will be a work session tonight for the town council. It will be about seismic testing, wastewater pipelines and "tank farms".

Interesting that the guest list is anonymous by the request of the organizer. I am sure it will be a dog and pony show for the council trying to convince them that gas drilling is great, seismic testing is great, wastewater pipelines running under our homes to "tank farms" are great. Having up to 100 wells just in West Flower Mound is great. How about having a gas well and compressor station 1000' from Shadow Ridge Middle school? Great?

I wonder if the residents of Dish, Texas still think gas drilling is a "blessing" as one of our rural West Flower Mound residents put it?

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