Monday, May 2, 2011

Don't Forget to Vote!!

Early voting has started at the Flower Mound Police and Court Building.

Tuesday May 3rd through Saturday May 7th, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm.
Monday May 9th and Tuesday May 10th, 7:00 am - 7:00 pm.
Election day, Saturday, May 14th, 7:00 am to 7 pm

Flower Mound Place 1

Jeff Whittaker website
Kendra Stephenson website

Flower Mound Place 3

Mark Wise website
Elwood Leonard (write in candidate)

Flower Mound Place 5

Tom Hayden

LISD School Board Trustee Election
Place 6

Mike McDaniel
Amber Fulton

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Place 7

Carol Kyer
Reginald Johnson

Click here for the Dallas Morning News voters guide info


Anonymous said...

Let's get McDaniel and Johnson on LISD Board, the others have been in office WAY too long. Plus, Kyer loves gas drilling on LISD property and we don't need that near Hilliard.

Anonymous said...

Fulton will go along with whatever Kyer and Waddell, the pro-drilling superintendent, want. Also, remember that these three in particular went to Austin in March to support that the legislators give more power to the Board and Administration, thus allowing less power of our voice from the parents and citizens. Does this sound familiar.

Vote Mike McDaniel and Reginald Johnson if you want a say in our children's educational future and fiscal responsibility within the upper echelons on the district. Students and teachers should come first.

Anonymous said...

Whittaker, Wise and Hayden are the only candidates in Flower Mound's Town Council race that are endorsed by NFL - Northern, Filidoro and Lyda.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, Kyer and Fulton need to be voted out for sure. Kyer was intrumental in getting the first LISD lease, we don't need them resigning and bringing gas drilling right next to our schools.

Anonymous said...

If you are against urban drilling vote for Whittaker. Despite all the bluster Stephenson is a johnny-come-lately to the party and has teamed up with a sub-set of the CCF petition group that most respected anti-urban drilling activists see as counter-productive. She also wants to explore long distance drilling to unify mineral and surface owners. Long distance drilling, which she defines as 1 to 2 miles away, would not be possible around Flower Mound without being in another urban area. She can say she does not support drilling near homes and schools but this position, which she lists as a core belief, makes one wonder.

We have seen other Flower Mound politicians claim to be about safe drilling, only to get elected and act in a manner contrary to that objective. Don't elect another Mike Wallace.

Anonymous said...

If the town's legal fees concern you, Stephenson is not your gal as her reckless behavior is bound to cost us more vs less in legal fees. She was deeply involved in the CCF petition, despite the obvious conflict of interest with her service on the Oil and Gas Board of appeals. In fact, the ethical issue of her involvement is one of many that caused a bitter rift within the petition group volunteers. Her response is that she checked with an outside attorney and it was ok. Strange that she was serving on a Town Board and yet she did not check with the Town's attorney. In fact, she took steps to keep her petition involvement a secret Why? because the Town's attorney would not have told her what she wanted to hear. Deliberating on a town board while conflicted can cause lawsuits that our town would have to defend. Stephenson also often refers to her resignation from the Oil and Gas Board of Appeals in protest over town staff following the gas ordinance as written. Town staff's decision had town legal review but Stephenson, who has no legal background yet often disagrees with the Town attorney on matters of law, hired an attorney (the same one who told her it was ok to work on the petition we presume) to give an opinion of the town decision - to no one's surprise her attorney agreed her. It is no coincidence that this same attorney took the money of several citizens to represent a member of Stephenson's campaign team in a lawsuit against the town over poor decisions related to the gas ordinance. To no one's surprise, except the citizens who were duped into contributing money to the baseless lawsuit, it was thrown out of court. There will always be an attorney willing to take your money and I guess if Stephenson is elected, the town's money. We need Council members with the judgement to know when legal pursuit is productive and when it is not. So far our Town Council, which Stephenson often criticizes, has done pretty well. Flower Mound has had its gas decisions and strong gas ordinance challenged and has not lost in court. Stephenson's attorney's record in Flower Mound doesn't appear to compare.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Kendra knows how to be fiscally conservative. I got 4 campaign flyers. One per address would have been more than sufficient. This is the same person we want in charge of a 80 million dollar budget. No thanks. She doesn't even know how to use her own money wisely.

Anonymous said...

Anybody reading some of the other comments on this blog? It appears that Kendra's campaign keep attacking NFL. Well NFL isn't running. Jeff Whittaker is. He is very qualified. That is why Kendra can only attack some of those that are supporting him.
How about the fact that her sign is on Roy Morris property, what about that affiliation?
Oh I get it Kendra, that rule only applies to Jeff's campaign and not yours.
I am voting for the person who truly has years of business experience. Jeff Whittaker for Place 1!!!

Anonymous said...

I think I saw a "Kendra" sign on Bin Laden's lawn on the news footage. Then her website posted, "I disagree with everything Bin Laden does but I respect the right of each individual to vote for who they want to, plus, it's a really good spot to have a sign. I really don't care HOW I get into office, or who supports me, I just want in."

Kendra said...

@annon 8:25 You are persuming a lot. Why don't you stop persuming and ask Ms. Stephenson.

Anonymous said...

What's sad and getting lost in this dicussion is that if you leave whatever you think of the current council out of the equation, Jeff really does deserve to win (not taking anything away from what Kendra has done here). He has served the community for so many years and is a genuine person. I will be voting for Jeff.

Anonymous said...

We should strive to be loyal only to the truth! No matter what you hear or see; go deep and analyze and seek the truth by looking at both sides. Make that your guidance, then no matter what you decide, you can be sure of one thing - you were true to yourself!

Jenny Rogers said...

The main thing is that you learn about the candidates and then get out and vote! it is an exciting thing to see democracy in action. it has been such a great experience to spend time with people who are out to vote as well as the other candidates and their supporters and volunteers. there may be some differences in perspectives on the candidates, but even so, there has been some very positive dialogue between opposing sides amongst the field of campaign signs and candidate t-shirts filling the polling parking lot :) from soggy shoes to sunburned cheeks we are having a fun time throughout this crazy and sometimes unpredictable political process.

Anonymous said...

So has this turned into the bash Kendra or love Jeff site?

Anonymous said...

Do you think you could correct Elwood's name? His last name is leonard

Another Concerned Citizen said...

We have corrected Elwood's name. Thanks to those that informed us about the mistake.

Another Concerned Citizen said...

We are posting all comments unless they are obscene, threatening or racist.

We are not only posting those favoring one candidate or another.

Thank you

Anonymous said...

@Anon May 3, 2011 9:39 PM
--what can the people here say, there is a lot of negative information about her. Don't damn all of the messengers. They're just voters with opinions. I would sure question the judgement of someone paying an attorney money who spends a great deal of his time going against the very thing I was supposidly fighting against.

Anonymous said...

So, there's no censorship on this blog? OK, print these verifiable facts: 1 - MPT Filidoro attempted to make a deal Williams Company last year that would have brought even larger compression equipment to Flower Mound. If Deputy MPT Hayden hadn't voted to table that attempt then Filidoro would have successfully undermined the intent of the CCF Petition drive. 2 - The Titan pad site application submitted on May 28, 2010 was a "NEW" application. Do a public info request, ask for that application & you will clearly see the block checked for "NEW" (NOT amended, because the "ORIGINAL" application (from Nov, 2009) was tied up in Denton County Court in Titan's first lawsuit against the Town. Yes, Titan's application to the TRRC says "amended" but the TRRC permit process is separate & distinct from the municipal permitting process. Perhaps you need a "Fact Checker" app for your comment section. (So what will it be on this blog - Censorship or Freedom of Speech; Truth or Truth Twisting?)

Anonymous said...

Say what you will about the blog anon May 3, 2011 9:39 PM. It's been around educating people on this before ANY other group in Flower Mound. Chances are, the same people attacking it learned about drilling first from this group.

Anonymous said...

People are so crazy about censorship. The moderator posted your comment, but this blog is not owned by you, nor the public. They can post whatever they do or do not want to post. Free speech is limited. Try yelling "Fire" in a theater once. It's seems to me FMC stopped posting some things recently too, are you bashing them also? Like the gas industry, it seems the only thing Kendra's campaign can do is further divide the community, even more than the Williams/Titan/Keystone industry crew and Jody crew accomplished. Way to go!

Anonymous said...

Anon 5/4 @ 8:15.

No..I think you need to check your facts. Filidoro does not negotiate deals with the Town. And before you blame the attorney, he does not do anything without the whole council knowing about it. What does that mean? Hayden was probably in on the deal too.

Hayden tabled the deal. But it was Filidoros action that ultimately killed it forever.

If you were so worried about Titan and dates, how about 2008? The anti-gas drilling candidate lost by a few votes! How far along would the Titan app be if Levenick had not been elected? Here is another date: November 2010. Thats when the election for the CCF petition was supposed to be. What would the drilling scene look like if the council had waited till the outcome of the November vote.

Kendra and her group have done nothing but spread mistrust, at the same time getting help from the people who brought gas drilling to FM in the first place!

Anonymous said...

There was an agreement brought before Council to address the lawsuit Williams/Mockingbird brought before the town. Town staff made a presentation on it. Several residents spoke against it. All 5 council members voted to table it. 2. If the TRRC calls it an amended application, that is what it is for legal purposes the distinction you make is irrelevant.

Anonymous said...

A vote for Kendra is a vote for Ginger. If you want the town sued over and over, vote for her. Their secretary Jenny will be glad to assist, but only if Ginger tells her to.

Anonymous said...

Under Kendra's (a.k.a. Ginger sue the town) leadership, we have seen a clear majority of voters against drilling be split right down the middle allowing the minority a clear window of opportunity. What will this "leadership" bring us in the future for our town? Even more division?

Anonymous said...

I'm done deflecting all of the arrows of the Kendra campaign. Just remember, you may not want to shoot ALL of your arrows at the people trying to help you. You might need some of them to help you fight the gas companies when this is all over.

Anonymous said...

Can someone please show me where all these arrows are that Stephenson's campaign is shooting?

Anonymous said...

>>Can someone please show me where >>all these arrows are that >>Stephenson's campaign is >>shooting?

1) NFL didn't do enough on Hilliard (they did what was legal- they already don't get a paycheck for putting their necks out as Mayor Northern did down in Austin and now on Channel 8 news. She has put a target on her back standing up against the most powerful industry IN THE WORLD - What else does she and rest of council have to do to earn your trust????????????? Take a bullet?

2) They disbanded the OGAB (The vote was 7-5 to disband - that's called a majority)

3) They do not address CCF (the OGAB made recommendations and the work is still in process - at least see how they vote BEFORE you crucify them)

4) Read any of the posts on

5) Whittaker is an Al proxy - these comments come from people who have never seen those two together

I can go all night!

Mellany Lamb said...

Anon May 7, 12:03 a.m.

Thank you for stating the facts. Regarding our current mayor and council, so much of what we see on the FMC Facebook site are half truths or not the whole story that are intended to campaign for Kendra Stephenson. These inflamatory misstatements should never had been thrown out there to politicize for their candidate. However, it is never too late and maybe these individuals will reach out to the mayor and council to work together for a solution.

Anonymous said...

@Mellany Lamb...

I doubt it, the Kendra crew is too busy touting their failures (i.e. the failed lawsuit) which was only successful in dividing the anti-drilling community and costing every taxpayer money [not to mention the people she solicited money from for a failed venture]) I never seen a group of people highlight their failures so much. "Hey people, look at us, we sued the town and lost, vote for us, we will best represent you." What actual results has this small group of people ever accomplished? Nothing by themselves. They just attach their names to a year old effort of which they were only a couple of MANY players.

Anonymous said...

I feel the same way, Mellany. As a resident opposed to urban drilling, I am angry and disappointed that those opposed to urban drilling in our town have been divided. You can find a lawyer to tell you anything you want to hear, and at the end of the day drilling at Hilliard was approved BEFORE the NFL took office. This is ridiculous nitpicking. If you want to blame anyone, blame those that signed gas leases, and an old Town Council who was pro-drilling and let this happen. I am greatly disappointed by the obvious pandering to mineral owner votes by dangling long-distance drilling as a carrot to unite the town. All the good that they were involved in accomplishing has been forgotten now in their quest to align with anyone to achieve office. Shame on whoever had the idea to divide the community like this so soon after we had just pulled it together!