Friday, May 6, 2011

No retirement package for this former gas executive

Sheffield Nelson, the former CEO of the Arkansas Louisiana Gas Company is calling for a halt to hydraulic fracturing near lakes, rivers and streams in the State of Arkansas.

It does restore a very tiny bit of faith that there may be industry people out there that have a conscience. The Gas and Oil industry knows hydraulic fracturing is bad, really bad. Do you think any executives will speak up for the citizens of the shale here in Texas? Don't hold your breath! Even if they did, our elected officials down in Austin wouldn't listen. Their campaign funds have given them selective hearing.

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Anonymous said...

I saw this related story today.

Freshman state Rep. Stefani Carter, of Dallas was holding up bill 3792 (the one that gives power to cities) and then voted for bill 3105 (the one that gives power to gas and oil). I've written my reps and voted in the people who I think will try to do the right thing, and this piece of trash from Dallas holds it for ransom.

Anonymous said...

Enemies are friends and friends are enemies. Strange times.

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