Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Southlake...we feel your pain.

Things seem to be heating up in Southlake. Without any current well sites to visualize or experience the real impact of drilling nears homes, schools, and business, some people just don't "get it". There is a group of pro drilling residents that want Southlake to ease up on safe drilling practices. Some people just want their "mailbox money" without carefully looking at the issues related to gas drilling.

Most people won't hire a contractor to do work at their home that did not use the best practices. So why do so many allow gas companies to come and drill and because they get a check they don't demand accountablilty? Why for a few dollars would they not want all precautions to be taken for the safety and health of their families along with the protection of  one of their most important assets....their home?

Money doesn't talk, it swears. --Bob Dylan

Click here to read the story in the Star Telegram

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