Tuesday, May 17, 2011

News from Flower Mound Council

Last night the Flower Mound Town Council continued their commitment to protecting the residents of Flower Mound. They unanimously approved a resolution for the Fair Share For Clean Air. Flower Mound will join Dish and Dallas County. Tonight the Southlake Town Council will consider a resolution as well.

In addition to the Fair Share Plan resolution, the council approved to renew their contract with Solutions for Local Control, LLC, for legislative consulting services from June 1, 2011, through June 1, 2013, and ratify payments made to date for the 82nd legislative session. All council members were in favor. Solutions for Local Control has been working very hard with the Mayor and Council on this legislative session.

A special thanks to Jim Schermbeck for coming out last night to talk about the Fair Share For Clean Air. He is committed to all of us having clean air!

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Anonymous said...

My favorite part of this council meeting was Carol trying to pin blame on hiring Fred Hill on "personal agendas of some council members" and then have Wallace say, uh, this was the previous administrations decision. C'mon Carol, can't get lazy on us now, need to do your homework BEFORE you come to council and try to throw everyone under the bus. Fail!