Thursday, December 17, 2009

Flower Mound Council Denies Temporary Suspension of Natural Gas Production UPDATE

Flower Mound Council Members Dixon, Levenick, and Wallace voted to deny the temporary suspension of Natural Gas Drilling and Production in the Town of Flower Mound. Leaving Council Members Filidoro and Hayden in favor of it.

It appears Council members Dixon, Levenick, and Wallace aren't buying the recent concerns and results of the studies already conducted by the TCEQ, the Federal EPA, and Town of Dish! They don't seem to believe it is important enough to wait for the completed study results and recommendations from the TCEQ and the EPA before allowing increased drilling activity.

It was mentioned by one of the members that the Town of Flower Mound hasn't had any air quality problems to date.

See the WFAA report on last nights meeting.

Well, the Town of Flower Mound hasn't had any air quality testing at all so how would anyone know what the air quality is like in the Town.

Even though more residents spoke in favor of the temporary suspension until the TCEQ and EPA release their results and recommendations, that is if you don't count the 10+ employees of Williams, Chesapeake, and their lawyers that spoke against it, the three council members chose to listen to the gas drilling companies.

Applications for 18 Gas Wells and a Compressor Station were received by the Town in the last 30 days. You can bet there will be more to come before the TCEQ and EPA make their recommendations. Someone mentioned the number 100 or more wells to be drilled.

Most of these wells will be in the area where we have been told of 5 child Leukemia cases and 2 adult Leukemia cases. Again, we have no evidence that gas drilling is related to this but it sure makes you wonder.

So ask yourself the following questions:
How many more compressor stations will that bring?
How many tank batteries will be needed at the proposed Waste Water Collection Facility?
How many pipelines will there be and where will they be?
What about eminent domain?

What will we be breathing?

Flower Mound may be on it's way to becoming the next Dish.


Anonymous said...

You shouln't look this recent development as a total loss because of the number of citizens getting involved in the process and because of the acts of somewhat desperation on the parts of the gassers and their political friends (i.e. gas bags). They apparently know that what they're doing is not right and are trying to ram things through. If/when citizens feel the need to take legal actions to hold them accountible, this event could prove to be one of the big evidences for willfull disregard for the health and well-being of the citizens and their families.

Anonymous said...

I was reading on another blog that the Mayor and one of the council members signed leases with Williams.
I am not a lawyer but that just seems like a conflict of interest to me. Why was so many Williams employees allowed to speak in the first place. I would have to assume they don't live in Flower Mound. This is so sad for the town. They are going to get bombarded with gas wells now

TXsharon said...

This is startling considering all the evidence that gas development harms human health. That gas isn't going anywhere so what would it hurt to take a little time out and make sure the development is done safely?