Monday, December 7, 2009

IMPORTANT! Flower Mound Council Meeting Tonight

Flower Mound Town Council is expected to vote on one of the major gas drilling issues facing the town. Seismic Testing could be added to the Oil and Gas Ordinance which would allow any gas company to conduct seismic testing on ALL town roads. Some HOA's have been receiving letters from Titan stating they may Seismic testing in Northshore area. Williams contacted HOA's last month and even released a preliminary list of streets in which they desire to conduct testing.

There is always the possibility of damage and that could lead to legal issues with seismic testing. In Lewisville, Titan has contacted residents in the Central Park area. Even though Titan is promising compensation for any damage caused, this usually puts the burden of proof will be on the homeowners. There can be damage to foundations and to sewer and septic systems.

The Town of Flower Mound hired a seismic consultant and during the November 2 Council Meeting he stated that Flower Mound had exceptionally bad ground!

Many residents have voiced their concern since this seismic testing will be done in the most populated areas of town. Some of the insurance companies we consulted with said most homeowners insurance policies do not cover "earth movement". Some do offer a special policy for this at an additional charge. Some won't cover "earth movement" at all. The current ordinance already allows seismic testing to be done on private property. So why push this on all the residents here in Town?

Show up to the meeting tonight and let the Town Council know how you feel. Tell them we want to protect our property rights and values.
Flower Mound Town Hall
6:00 pm.

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