Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Flower Mound Gas Drilling Action Alert

Action Alert:
Attend this Thursday’s Town Council Meeting, December 17th, 6:00 PM, at Flower Mound Town Hall. Speak up and speak out. It makes a difference!

Ask Town Council to approve item #13 on the agenda. The moratorium on Natural Gas Production and related items. http://www.flower-mound.com/agenda/TCarchive/TCA-12-17-09.pdf

Last night, Monday, December 14th, Planning and Zoning approved a Special Use Permit for Centralized Collection Facility and Compressor Stations in Agricultural Zoned areas with a vote 6 to 0.

This vote is the first step, but one of the most important steps, in allowing for our community to move to an industrial community.

The Centralized Collection Facility and Compressor Stations have been broken up into three different ordinances.

Land Use and Zoning – Land Development Regulations
Application - Oil and Gas Ordinance
Pipelines –Pipeline Ordinance

This application will allow Agricultural zoned land to be turned into Industrial Toxic Gas Fracking Fluid collection stations. There is no limit to the amount of Tanks and Compressors which they can have, only space limitations.

These pipelines will be buried 4 feet underground, may allow portions of residential property to be condemned through eminent domain, and will be pressurized to move the toxic chemicals from anywhere the Company, in this case, William Production, has a well site back to the collection facility. The Town cannot limit the distance so, Flower Mound could become the point of collection for other communities.

The first proposed site is within a 2 mile radius of 4775 Residences (see map). Dr. Armendariz, formerly with SMU and now with the EPA, conducted a recent study indicating that most of the barnett shale air quality issues come from tank batteries and compressor stations.

This application could devalue our homes, impact our health, safety and overall welfare.

Approval of a request to amend the Land Development Regulations LDR 04-09 – Centralized Gas Production Facilities by amending Section 98-2 (Definitions). Section 98-952 (Use Classifications), and 98-273 (Agricultural District Specific Uses), to provide for a Centralized Natural Gas Production Facility definition, use regulations, and special use conditions.

Section 98-2 Definitions Centralized Natural Gas Production Facility means production equipment that serves multiple gas well pad sites and may include the following: produced water storage and collection facilities, natural gas compression facilities, natural gas lift facilities and any pipelines and related infrastructure to serve those facilities.

Section 98-273 (listed as a specific use) Centralized Natural Gas Production Facility, subject to all of the requirements set forth in Chapter 34 “Environment”, Article 7 (Oil and Natural Gas Well Drilling and Operations) and Article 8 (Oil and Gas Pipeline Standards) of this Code, the terms of which articles are incorporated by reference.

Let Flower Mound Town Council know you do not want our town to turn into ONE BIG INDUSTRIAL ZONE.


Anonymous said...

What is wrong with the Planning and Zoning commission? I can't believe they approved this with all those homes nearby.

Anonymous said...

I watched the meeting online and couldn't believe the residents from Shiloh had the nerve to mention truck traffic in their neighborhoods. They signed leases! So now they want to push this toxic crap on the Wellington and Bridlewood residents. Flower Mound wake up and protect those who did not sign up for this!!!

Jim said...

Mr. Honeycutt from the TCEQ said the following in a recent Star Telegram
"Air samples showed significant levels of benzene in several locations. One sample taken downwind from a tank seven miles west of DISH showed a level of 1,000 parts per billion, which is more than five times the commission’s short-term exposure limit of 180 parts per billion.

That level is the equivalent of a person sniffing a can of gasoline"

Flower Mound residents should be very worried.They could end up like us out here in Wise county.

Angela Kral said...

Is this near where the Flower Mound kids with Leukemia are? A recent post on this blog mentioned something about that.