Thursday, December 3, 2009

Titan may be gearing up to do seismic testing in the Northshore area

This was just forwarded to us. If you think the seismic testing is just about Williams....Read this. Titan may be banking on the yes vote from the Town Council on Monday. They are talking seismic testing for the Northshore Sub-Division!!

Once again, who is going to pay for any damages to your property or home? Not Titan, Williams or any other gas drilling company and not the Town of Flower Mound.

Show up Monday night and say no to seismic testing, waste water pipelines and collection (tank farms) facilities.


See e-mail sent to us.

Subject: The Villages of Northshore eMail Bulletin
Dear Residents,

In the weeks to come many residents will be receiving a letter from Titan Operating LLC regarding their mineral rights. As you know, your neighborhood falls within the Barnett Shale – a rock formation 8000 ft below surface containing “micro bubbles” of natural gas that spans across DFW. Over the past two years most of you have been contacted by Cherokee Horn to lease your mineral rights. Each individual home that signs a lease is then packaged together to form a large unit of producible acreage. Cherokee Horn is working in partnership with Titan to produce 1750 acres across Flower Mound. As a participant in this unit, leased residents will receive royalty payments on the natural gas that is produced. The packet you receive from Titan addresses Geophysical Surveys. The survey is a noninvasive mapping tool that increases production efficiency. For more information please visit the following links:

Cody B. Crocker Cherokee Horn Production

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