Monday, December 28, 2009

Water. We can't live without it!

We all know that water, the excessive use of it and the contamination of it, is a big issue for gas drilling. Yes, other industries use water and contaminate it but not at the pace the gas and oil industry does and this is a blog about gas drilling issues.

TXsharon posted a great article about how important water is. Check out
Natural Gas Production Causing Water Bankruptcy

Again, on-site recycling and purification must be a standard practice!!!! If gas companies were truly "good neighbors", they would want to do this..... period.


Anonymous said...

Get real, even if the production company(s) did recycle the water no one would use it. If the town of Flower Mound recycled sewer water and then piped it into your home would you drink it? I didn't think so.

Another Concerned Citizen said...

It was never mentioned to recycle water from gas drilling to be consumed by humans. This is about recycling water over and over again to be re-used in drilling activity. Then with what little purified water is left over, it won't be toxic enough to contaminate other water sources, ground, and be stored in an above ground tank farm.
The result is less fresh water needed for the drilling activity.
That is a reality. But Williams doesn't think we, their "neighbors", are important enough to spend a little more money to do this on site purification.
Other gas companies are doing it. Devon, even Chesapeake.
Williams wants to keep using fresh water, turn it to toxic water, pump it under our commmunity to a tank farm, let the vapors seep into the air, and then pipe it to an injection well in Argyle.