Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Update: Important Meeting of the North Central Texas Communities Alliance

The NCTCA is

North Central Texas Communities Alliance is a broad-based coalition of individuals, organizations, and communities throughout the Barnett Shale area working on local, state, and national levels for positive solutions to the problems related to natural gas drilling and pipelines.

There was a great crowd for the first meeting of the NCTCA. Communities from Arlington, Fort Worth, Denton and Flower Mound were represented.
The motto tonight was "Together We Bargain..Divided We Beg"

The speakers tonight included residents from the Carter Street area in Fort Worth who have been fighting a high pressured gas pipeline that would carry raw, odorless, wet gas, under their homes.

Mayor Calvin Tillman of Dish, Texas had a message via video since he was called out of town for business at the last minute. The Texas Department of Health and Human Services will be testing 50 Dish residents for toxins in their system. More information to come when available.
Citizens unite to address the problems related to Barnett Shale gas drilling and pipelines.

Gary Hogan and Don Young were on hand. They were the first to really try to call attention to the environmental, health and safety issues from gas drilling.

Tim Reggiero spoke about Aruba Petroleum's assault on his property, home and family.

Sharon Wilson from the Oil and Gas Accountability Project http://www.ogap.org/ and Bluedaze Drilling Reform For Texas http://www.txsharon.blogspot.com/. The OGAP is forming a Texas Chapter. They have been very successful in New Mexico and Colorado in bringing state reform for the oil and gas industry.
They will work to:

  • Establish strong local and state oil and gas regulations in Texas

  • Ensure that where oil and gas resources are developed, companies utilize best practices to prevent and reduce their impact.

  • Protect key areas threatened by energy development such as the LBJ Grasslands and urban green space.

  • End Industry exemptions to our nation's environmental and public health laws such as the Safe Drinking Water Act and the Emergency Planning and Community Right to Know Act.

  • Advocate for an energy future that is based on clean, safe and renewable energy sources.

Here is the nctca website:

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