Thursday, December 3, 2009


ATTENTION! Your Property may be at risk.

You Need to show up at Flower Mound Town Council Meeting
2121 Cross Timbers
Monday, Dec. 7th at 6:00 PM
You Better Watch Out, You Better Not Pout, You Better Speak Out!
Flower Mound Neighbors & Friends:
It’s not Santa who is coming to our Town this year - It is the Gas Drilling Companies. They aren’t bringing candy and presents, either. No, they’re asking our Town Council to have residents subsidize their operations, put our families’ health and safety at risk, and reduce the value of our properties. You may or may not have signed a gas lease.
You may not even own your mineral rights. But everyone, regardless if you have a lease or not, may be affected by:·
A 60,000 lb. Seismic Testing truck rolling down Flower Mound streets while sending out earth-shaking vibrations that the Town says may damage Town-owned streets.
  • This is for all Town-Owned Streets.
  • The Town and the Drilling Companies will be indemnified.
  • Residents may be responsible for possible damage to their homes.
  • Homeowners Insurance does not cover seismic activity damage
Adding a pipeline ordinance that may allow Drilling Companies to seize and condemn portions of residential property through eminent domain so they can bury pipelines 4 feet under our yards and homes for transporting toxic produced wastewater and drilling fluids.
Creating a new “Industrial type Zoning use” less than a mile from schools and more dense neighborhoods, for a Centralized Collection Facility (CCF) for storing toxic wastewater and drilling fluids and also to allow compressor stations.
  • Recent 2009 studies by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) showed dangerous levels of cancer-causing toxins in Denton County related to these types of facilities. A recent air quality study in Dish, Texas showed similar toxins in the air and prompted the Federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to step in and demand more testing of the Barnett Shale air. (
  • Williams Production Company is the first company to request this zoning change, but all drilling companies (Red Oak, Titan, Keystone, and others) would have the right to take advantage of the new ordinances.
Every resident needs to stand up now to protect their homes and the health of their families. It is imperative.Why the hurry before the state and federal governments have time to act?
There seems to be a rush to push these ordinances through before Texas TCEQ and Federal EPA release the results of their new air quality study prompted by serious concerns raised by gas drilling activities on the Barnett Shale.
Judging from Town Council Member comments at work sessions, it appears that there may be a split Council.. Council member Mike Wallace may hold the deciding vote for both issues. You can email him at to ask him to keep the oil & gas ordinance strong and not to change it.
Did you know Mayor Jody Smith and Mayor Pro Tem Jean Levenick have both signed leases with Williams Production Company? (
December 7th – Town Council Public Hearing and vote on whether to allow Seismic Testing on public roads.
December 14th – Planning & Zoning Public Hearing to discuss Pipelines, Centralized Collection Facilities, and Compressor Stations.
December 21st – (Schedule may change) Town Council Public Hearing and vote on whether to allow Centralized Collection Facilities and Compressor Stations.
Wear green to the council meetings to show your support for maintaining our Quality of Life.
For more information: or email to sign up for alerts and notices.
Don’t forget to sign the “Keep Flower Mound Ordinances Strong” Petition at
Anyone over 18 can sign. One signature per line only.
From your Flower Mound Neighbors: Sue Ann Lorig – Wellington
Tammi Vajda & Virginia Jellison – Lake View Estates
To Read more about what is happening in Denton Co. ... Toxic, Cancer-Causing Airborne Chemicals, Worst air in the nation, Radioactive WaterGo to:
Did You Know……..The Gas Drilling Industry is Exempt from Following Federal Standards
Safe Drinking Water Act, Clean Water Act, Clean Air Act, National Environmental Policy Act, Toxic Release Inventory under the Emergency Planning, Community Right-to-Know Act, Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act, Resource Conservation and Recovery Act

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