Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Opposition of Natural Gas Drilling is Growing Nationwide

All over the country, opposition to natural gas drilling is growing. Many aren't opposed to the importance of natural gas but are opposed to the process in which it is extracted.

The Gas and Oil Industry is exempt from many federal environmental and health acts. Many states have loose regulations and/or very little regulations in place for natural gas drilling. Here is where the problem lies. The industry has enjoyed public support for years and it seems it has taken advantage of this support by cutting corners when it comes to extracting natural gas. Natural gas may be more clean burning but the extraction of it is toxic and deadly. Many areas where shale gas is being extracted has experienced toxic water, air, and ground. People are getting sick and are now finally speaking up. I agree with the statement below we may not be able to stop it.

Nationwide, few expect rising public concern to put a stop to new natural gas development.

But believe the next statements by Don Young to be true. We can demand the industry make the gas drilling process cleaner, safer and better for humans and the environment. Everything about the way gas and oil operate is about to change. They will be held accountable. Politicians everywhere should stop and listen.

In Fort Worth where the Barnett Shale is located, natural gas drilling and hydraulic fracturing has been going on literally right under the city for roughly a decade. Opposition here is getting a bit hotter, he said.
"The crowds are greater, and the hard questions are a little more frequent," said Young, "At first it was all about the money, but now it's about health, safety and the environment too."

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