Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dish residents have toxins in their system

The Texas Department of State Health Services testing done on 28 Dish residents show toxins in their system.

Toulene metabolite, butadiene metabolite, n-dimethylformamide metabolite were found in the residents. These three compounds are among the toxic substances that are monitored by the EPA. Some of the compounds were already detected in Dish air and water in previous testing by state investigators.

Of the 28 residents tested, none were children. Children are at a higher risk of absorbing chemicals than adults.

here to read Peggy Heinkel-Wolfe's article in the Denton Record Chronicle.


Anonymous said...

I can not understand how anyone can say drilling activity or all that comes with it is safe in proximity of peoples homes. As another person wrote on this blog in another place, "you are crazy." Only it is not the ones of us who care about real lives; it's the ones that only care about making a buck no matter who it hurts.

Anonymous said...

You can't believe these test results, it was done by the radical, left-wing, eco-terrorist group known as the Texas Dept. of Health Services.