Sunday, April 11, 2010

Most Barnett Shale Facilites Release Emissions

Today an article in the Dallas Morning News stated that 90 percent of the natural gas related production facilities in the Barnett Shale have fugitive emissions.

Many of the sites have been near highly populated neighborhoods. The problem is that this is a problem that seems to keep happening. If the past, very few actions have been taken against the drilling companies and their affiliates. So the result is repeat violations. It seems the TCEQ's "find and fix" program is not enough to keep the drilling companies in line. The find and fix may work if hefty fines are imposed. This is something that must be done.

It is all about accountability, something that seems to be lacking in the Barnett Shale.
It is alarming that even the TCEQ admits fugitive emissions are a problem.

"We found emissions from wells, condensate tanks, compressor stations" – just about every component of the Barnett Shale production system, said Wilma Subra, an environmental scientist helping the Denton County town of Dish monitor air pollution.
"There are toxic air emissions being released by the majority of the facilities that we have looked at."
Texas officials acknowledge that just about every Barnett Shale installation emits invisible air pollution.

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