Thursday, April 29, 2010

Williams' Telephone Town Hall

Just a quick post on what I heard from tonight's "Telephone Town Hall" from Williams...(they said that 400 people were on the call)


  • We're your neighbors, we've been here since 2005, but since listening to all of the debate ("one month ago"), we've decided that we need to provide community education.
  • They were "thrilled" with the results of the last O&G Board of Appeals (where they were granted requested variances) and that the outcome shows "how we can all work together."
  • Soon there will be a new outreach person and she is a Flower Mound resident.
  • They will "strive" to maintain their practice of not asking for variances for residential setbacks.

    Q&A: (Operators took questions off line) Here's some key questions/answers that I took note of:

    Q: Gas drilling has divided our community. Wouldn't a timeout allow for a calmer assessment?
    A: Great Question. The current petition wouldn’t stop current gas drilling. I bet a lot of people think it will stop current drilling. We don’t think a moratorium does much for the community but it does stop a best management practice.

    Q: Timing for this meeting is questionable--less than 2 weeks prior to the election. What do you expect to gain?
    A: Great Question. They dropped the ball and they wish they could have started education earlier. They are taking "no action to influence who votes for who." They continued however, that they have to defend their operations.
    Q: Please clarify that the proposed CCF is not a toxic waste site.
    A: Great Question. If you look at the environmental definition of what’s toxic, it’s basically salt water and is not defined as toxic.

    Q: From a leaseholder: I think gas drilling will reduce our dependence on foreign oil. What can I do to support your efforts?
    A: Great question. We need help; share facts.

    Summary: It's a privilege to operate in Flower Mound and we do work to preserve the quality of life. Flower Mound's ordinances protect its residents.

    We are aware that it will be difficult to permit in the more residential areas. The claims that we’re coming to someone’s backyard are exaggerated. [Editor's note: Tell that to people around Hilliard and yes, I know that it isn't being developed by Williams. So what? It will be an eyesore as people drive into Town.]

    Note: The next call is Wednesday, May 5th at 7:00pm. To sign up for the call go to their web site.


Anonymous said...

Maybe Jody will be the "Community Outreach" person since she will have some free time on her hands after the election!

Anonymous said...

Anyone have a barf bag? I think I am going to be sick.

Anonymous said...

I listened too and I think that the questions were all set ups because it was obvious the guy answering was reading. It was pretty bad. I thought he was terrible.

Anonymous said...

oh and you're right--he kept saying "good question"

bunch of phonies

Anonymous said...

Oh Well NO!
Jo Gotta Go!

Anonymous said...

Why don't they do these things in person with a call ability for people who can't get a sitter. It all seems too carefully crafted.

Anonymous said...

"Great question" is a tic. You hear it all the time from industry reps. Perhaps they all go to the same "communicating with the community" training sessions.

Anonymous said...

Industry is as honest, sincere, and caring as Driller Smith, Mr. Robinson, and Mr. Webb. (Oops-I meant Mayor Smith)