Monday, April 26, 2010

With Friends Like These (Part 2)

Just happened to notice that two of the administrators on the "Re-elect know who" Facebook page *** were the same gals that sent out the nasty letters about Al Filidoro that were also filled with other lies and distortions and the despicable comment about parents parading their cancer-stricken children in front of the Council. In case you need a reminder, you can see them HERE, HERE, and HERE.

***Sorry, just can't make myself write out the entire name of her FB page. Plus, if I do, one of her many "friends" over at Flower Mound High might google it and land on this blog and mistakenly believe that we were endorsing a candidate.

Anyway, I digress. Back to the administrators of her FB page because there's a couple more that deserve mention. It's not just her two BFF gal pals that administer her FB page; it's her two running mates: Bryan Webb and Gerald Robinson. (As a reminder, Mr. Robinson is the environmentally sensitive candidate and I'm pretty sure he actually is. I saw him at the polls today and he had on a green shirt.)

Mayor Smith, why haven't you distanced yourself from the perpetrators of these hateful communications? Mr. Webb? Mr. Robinson?


Anonymous said...

I see they finally got their website up 2 full days after the signs went up. I could put a website up in 5 minutes 16 years ago, apparently this "internet thing" is a little new to the opposition...and they call themselves progressive.

Anonymous said...

what website?