Monday, April 12, 2010

N.F.L. Sign Pledge

The sign wars have begun and in response, the N.F.L. team has signed the following pledge:

We want you, our supporters, to know regardless of the actions of others we make this pledge regarding campaign signs:

1.We will respect private property and only put up signs with permission.

2.We will not pressure any property owner to block our opponent’s signs.

3.We recognize HOAs are non-profits that cannot endorse candidates. We will not illegally and without permission put our signs on HOA property.

4.We will not steal nor damage our opponents’ signs nor will we encourage our supporters to steal or damage signs.

We have been asked repeatedly by supporters why they see fewer NFL signs in places along thoroughfares where they see other political signs. Much of this land is controlled by developers who have refused placement of our signs. They prefer the status quo to our commitment to the Master Plan and SmartGROWTH.

If you have a good location for large signs, please let our volunteer sign crew know by emailing

Melissa Northern, Al Fildoro and Steve Lyda

If other candidates have a sign pledge, we're happy to post it, as well. But just a has to be an original work, not simply a copy of the N.F.L. pledge. We've seen too much of the "me too" stuff.


Anonymous said...

This makes me proud to support the NFL.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the NFL supporter that shot up Mayor Smith's sign with a paintball gun doesn't support this plank in their platform...

There are people acting stupidly on both sides of this issue.

Anonymous said...

Right, that's what adults do all day, they go around Town with their paintball guns. Give me a break.