Monday, April 12, 2010

Local Public Officials and Conflicts Of Interest

This is a great article from Breathing Is Political. It seems the issue of local public officials and conflicts of interest is a widespread concern. Here in Flower Mound and many other Barnett Shale towns, there have been many debates about what exactly is considered a "conflict of interest." The paragraphs below seem to describe conflict of interest very well.

Residents and taxpayers who have raised the issue of conflicts of interest believe they are being disenfranchised by representatives who are supporting or opposing public policy for the benefit of themselves and drilling interests rather than in protection of the public’s health and welfare.

As a result, I’ve asked two attorneys whether or not New York State’s county, town, zoning and planning board members who have leased or are considering leasing their gas mineral rights should recuse themselves from not only voting on drilling issues but from participating in their Boards’ discussions of gas drilling issues. In response, both attorneys strongly recommended that the public should attend those local board meetings and ask each board member, on the record, to clarify the leased status of their and their family’s real property holdings.

In Franklin County, New York District Attorney addressed these concerns. Sure wish this would happen here in Texas.

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Anonymous said...

Mayor Smith, Candidate Webb, Candidate Robinson, what say you?

Anonymous said...

"If you own 10 acres or more with minerals, we're your candidates. For the other 64,000 residents, don't bother us."